Thursday, 3 March 2016

Update - February

So its the end of February. How did I do?

Pretty well!

I managed to pay $1580 off my personal loan and $320 off the medical loan for a total of $1,900 off debt in February.

I'm pretty damn proud of that.

The rest of the months budget went pretty well too, although I had some additional expense due to an unexpected trip away with my daughter.

Originally I'd planned to take her to Melbourne to go shopping for her birthday. But for a whole range of reasons we ended up having to stay the night, so I was up for a hotel room, and breakfast, and dinner.

But, it wasn't too bad, because I was able to claim a rebate on some medical expenses that I'd previously paid out, and that covered all the expenses.

All in all, a great month.

Onwards to March, which is a three pay month, so I'm hopeful that it will be an even better result!

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