Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Me Made May and a debt update

Me-Made-May is keeping me busy, as I realise that my me-made wardrobe is probably not as strong as it could be, particularly for cold weather!

My lovely daughter bought me a Mothers Day gift which was so very thoughtful - a $50 voucher to Spotlight, a big box fabric and craft store. 

So we went along to see what was about, and as it turned out, the store was in the process of moving locations, which meant that there were some super specials on the apparel fabrics in store.

I picked out three crepes suitable for work tops, and a scuba knit suitable for a dress / skirt. When we got to the counter, I was delighted to find that the fabric (which was already over 50% off) was further reduced by another 50%. So the fabric which was over $20 retail per meter originally, I was getting for $5 per meter or less. But wait! I'm a member of the VIP Club (free to join, additional discounts) and it bought the total down even further.

In all, my four cuts of fabric - enough to make two tops each from the crepe and a skirt, a top and a dress from the scuba knit - came in at just $19.  I could not be happier! 

I've made the dress and skirt from the scuba knit - both turned out really well and have been worn to work already. All of the top fabric is laid out ready to be cut, I just need to find some time to get that done. I'm really happy with my choices, in that I thought carefully about what I had in my wardrobe and what would add value to what I already owned, and what would effectively mix and match. Once the tops are made up, they'll add some real versatility to my wardrobe, at very little cost. Yay!

Now, on to the debt update! New debt numbers as of today, with regularly scheduled payments of $150 towards the TV debt and $350 towards the family loan:

Starting Net Worth (28 April 2017)

Current Net Worth 

Total Debt Paid to date:

That brings the TV debt down to $1,885 and the Family Loan down to $31,228.

I'm not sure exactly whether it is best to put the extra against the Family Loan or the TV debt. I guess if I was being completely risk averse, I'd put it towards the TV debt, because its the only one that has the possibility of future interest. Plus, if I can kill it earlier, I can snowball those funds into the Family Loan... but somehow putting the extra to the Family Loan makes me feel happier. Hmm. Something to consider.

I do still hope to make a larger payment this fortnight, and will transfer that across later in the week if I'm able to manage it... and when I decide which one its going to!

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