Friday, 5 May 2017

Me Made May

This month I'm participating in Me-Made-May, something that the online sewing community gets into each year. 

The idea is that you take a pledge to wear the clothing that you make for the month of May. The beauty of it is the you can pledge at any level you like - at least one piece a day right through to everything you wear being handmade.

I've been sewing for a number of years, and I have a reasonable collection of clothing that I've made myself. 

I made a dress last week, that took me overnight to make, and cost only the fabric ($25). I needed something to wear to a funeral and I could easily have gone out and spent $80 - $150 on a nice dress for the occasion. Instead, I invested a little bit of my time and a little amount of money into fabric, and made something that fits me perfectly and I feel really great in.

Sewing isn't always the thrifty answer, but it can be a very positive way to save some money on specialty items. I can certainly make professional dresses at a significantly lower cost than buying them.

Me Made May is a great opportunity for me to look at what I've  made and how I can wear it in my everyday life, in order to get the best value from my hobby.

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