Monday, 4 January 2016

Christmas and some payments

So Christmas really threw a spanner in the works as far as my budget went. 

I guess it's important to know for next year to put more aside and ensure that I've got a buffer. I'm not going to beat myself up about it - just get back on track now that the silliest part of the season is over. 

I was paid for a number of shifts in my second job today, and I've transferred $500 into my credit card account. 

The balance on the credit card is now down to $289.86

Interest on my personal loan has been applied so the balance is up to $26,719.54. There is a payment to be applied later this week though, so I'll update again then. 

Current net debt: $27,009.40

Should note that this doesn't include the medical bill but I'm not sure of the current balance on that. I've made the normal fortnightly payments so I guess that it's gone down by $160 with another payment due to go out in a few days too. 

I feel like it's only going to take me this fortnight to catch the credit card back up and take it down to a zero balance. 

It's been taken out of my handbag now and no further charges will be added. 

Next fortnight I'll be able to start snowballing into my loan balance - I'm looking forward to that!

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