Thursday, 7 January 2016

Impulse Buying and "Stuff"

I've been a pretty impulsive buyer in the past, and its resulted in me having far too much "stuff" hanging around the house.

My daughter and I had a clean out yesterday - I've sold some things, I've also sent a big black garbage bag to Vinnies. Its a start.

I told my partner what I was doing, that I was tired of the house being so cluttered. He laughed and told me that my house wasn't cluttered... his house is cluttered (we don't live together).

His house is cluttered, its a typical boy house. He's forever buying stuff on eBay - and he has hobbies that use a lot of equipment and he's just totally unable to say no to a bargain. I have to say that he does buy things that come in useful, but it also means that he has a lot of... well... stuff.

I want to keep going with my own de-clutter. I'm going to go through my spare room thoroughly - there's plenty in there that could go. I've held on to a lot of things for sentimental reasons, but really, I can take a photo and let those things go.

I went to a hardware store today. The shower caddies that I bought aren't working. They're the suction cup variety. Unfortunately, they don't hold onto the walls in my shower. So my partner hung one up on hooks over the top of the shower. I thought I could get some cheap chain to hold the second one on, so they could hang one above the other.

Cheap chain. Pffft. The cheapest packet that was rated to what I needed was $13.90. Then I needed clips to hold the chain to the caddy base. Another $7.00. So I went looking at caddies - maybe there was a new one that I could buy for under $20 and I could sell the ones I've currently got. Nope - the only one big enough to hold my stuff was $30. I made it nearly all the way to the front counter with that caddy in my hand, and then I turned around and put it back. The shampoo can sit on the floor. The $30 is going against my credit card instead.

Now I'm going to clean out some more stuff :)

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