Tuesday, 19 January 2016

What's the damage?

Last post I said that I had extended my personal loan. 

The new balance, once the insurance is removed, will be $31,835.

I have set up an automatic $600 payment to go out each fortnight and I will be putting any extra that I can against it. 

In good news, the interest rate is actually lower than it was before - now sitting at 13.69% - down from 14.99% on the previous loan. 

Totals as of tomorrow - when all payments for this fortnight are made:

$31,235 - personal loan

$0 - credit card (woohoo!!)

$960 - medical 

Total debt: $32,195

My mini goal has been updated - looking forward to getting back under the $30k mark!

New debt payoff goal: December 2018

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