Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Totals at 6 January 2015

Totals as they stand today:

Credit card: $181.78
Loan: $26,419.54
Medical: $1,120

Total: $27,721.32

My interest and loan admin fees hit my personal loan, which is why there's a disparity between last times totals and this one. 

I paid $500 against the credit card earlier this week and I should have clarified that $300 of that was "extra money" from my second job, and $200 of it was from my regular $300 payment allocation. 

I've now paid an additional $100, so I'm square for this fortnights regular payment and I've kicked it up by $300 for a total payment of $600 this week. 

I'll knock that $181.78 off completely next fortnight and then snowball the balance of the $300 regular credit card payment into my personal loan. 

There are now only 7 repayments to be made on the medical expense too so I'm feeling really positive about how soon that will be cleared. 

I'm going to the bank today and I'm hoping that I can knock down the interest rate on my loan while I'm there. Doesn't hurt to ask!

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